La Luz Barcelona

La Luz Barcelona is beautiful and spacious old-style apartment (90m2) next to the beach of Barcelona. You could be meeting Antoni Gaudi en La Luz Barcelona as the apartment gives you a feeling of Barcelona of the early 20th century, the art noveau era. Modernismo it is called in Spain.

The floor is covered with original tiles from the 1900's with the typical art noveau flower mosaic patterns. The doors are in colonial style and the apartment is built in the typical 'Bóveda Catalana' (Catalan vault) way, which is are arches made of plain bricks over wooden beams.

Kid's corner; we have a corner reserved for kids. A table with 2 seats and a closet full with toys and games. Here they can play all they want.

La Luz Barcelona has three bedrooms, two mater bedrooms and one little bedroom, each equipped with a double bed which means we easily accommodate 6 persons.

Although we preserved the old futures as much as possible, La Luz Barcelona has all modern conveniences for a relaxed holiday.

The thick walls keep the apartment cool during the hot summer. There is a small balcony where you can sit and have a nice breakfast. You will feel the Mediterranean atmosphere right away.

And last but not least; the beach is right around the corner from La Luz Barcelona. It is a 4 minute walk down to the beach.
Parking in front of La Luz is free in the weekends and completely free 3 blocks away. Parking at the beach is also free ( do not leave any values in the car). Please see under location for more parking info.

You can live your dreams in La Luz. So, relax, dream away in the warm Spanish sun and have a fabulous time.

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We can also arrange for a pick up from the airport. Please inform about the costs.

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Photo: Kitchen
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