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Photo: Barcelona International Convention Center (CCIB)

Photo: Picture: CCIB Banquethall


(Barcelona International Convention Center)

It's a 10 minute walk from La Luz apartment to The Forum/ Barcelona International Convention Center.

The CCIB is one of the largest Convention Centres in Europe, capable of accommodating 15,000 delegates in an architecturally innovative space facing onto the Barcelona coastline. It began operating as a Congress and Conventions Centre in November 2004. with housing the 2004 Forum of Cultures and is one of the anchors of the new Diagonal Mar district. Since then it is also popular known as THE FORUM.
A combination of massive concrete and high-precision, large-span steel, the structure is simultaneously conventional and monstrous, banal and superhuman. You have to see it! A few years later, it has hosted 312 events and welcomed 390,000 delegates from 2,200 organisations, ranging from major corporate events to European and international congresses, across diverse sectors including the automotive industry, telecommunications, technology, IT, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, etc. In recent years it has hosted some of the most important world congress See the web site of the convention center: